Sing forever

by François Benest

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J'avais composé cette mélodie et je savais qu'elle devait parler de l'exode irlandais du XIXème siècle, mais je n'arrivais pas à écrire un texte correct en français.
Richard Dubois, un ami musicien a réussi a me faire ce texte sensible.
Le faux patron du pub est un vrai irlandais, vivant en Australie.


Sing forever
(Richard Dubois)

Sing forever the song of Dublin city
Sing forever to me
All the people are crying in this country
Shame on the british army

Hard the way and hard the life
There is no hope and no laugh
Sing my brother
Sing forever
There is whiskey for the men
But every day more pain
Sing forever to me

Sing forever the children of Killarney
Sing forever to me
Erin pretty I left you for a city
Thanks to the british army

To NewYork or to L.A.
There is hope on my way
Sing forever
Sing forever
I will never be the same
But still an irishman
Sing forever to me

Here, in Brooklyn
It is so hard to live in
Sing my daughter to me
I'm not happy,
But I work to be free
Thanks to the british army

Citizen of the red rain
Red my blood, red my fainne
Sing my daughter
Sing forever
We are many irishmen
In New York, in this land
Sing forever
Sing forever
Sing forever to me


released September 3, 1996
Paroles : Richard DUBOIS
Musique : François BENEST




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